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Aztec Home Grill

The Aztec Grill for Backyard Chefs: Grilling Over a Wood Fire at Home!

The heavenly scent of foods cooking over a wood fire evokes vivid memories – camping trips and clambakes, good times with family and friends gathered ’round the fire. Now you can recreate this magic experience whenever you wish with your own Aztec Grill.

Backyard Model Designed for the Home Chef

Any model of Aztec Grill can be deployed for outdoor grilling, but we recommend the Aztec Home Grill, which has been expressly designed with the backyard chef in mind. So practical, easy and fun to use, you can turn out professional-quality grilled foods from the get-go!

The Home Model Is Like Our Commercial Grills – With Options

The Aztec Home Grill offers features, benefits and operating characteristics similar to our commercial restaurant grills (with the exception of the air-flow baffle system: not necessary in grills used outside). Options include a single-spit, motor-driven rotisserie unit, a hinged, attached side shelf and a fitted stainless steel cover.

You can use hardwoods, fruitwoods or charcoal in your Aztec Home Grill.

Aztec Home Grill Designed for Endurance and Ease

The 30" x 29⅛" Aztec Home Grill features heavy-duty cast-iron cooking and fuel grates, heat-holding 1" firebrick lining and 2½" fireproof insulation between double steel walls – all clad in durable, easy-to-clean stainless steel. Other features: front-loading firebox with latching door for ease of fueling, handy stainless steel fold-down work shelf, pullout ash drawer for easy ash removal.

Aztec Grill Caster

Heavy-Duty Casters Make Grill Mobile

Six-inch braking casters allow you to roll your Aztec around on a level patio or deck with ease. The easy-to-engage caster brakes hold the grill firmly in position, and can be released with a tap of your foot. The grill’s mobility also allows you to position your Aztec for 360-degree walk-around access to the grilling surface.

Aztec Grill Home Unit Price List

Base Unit

Model Description Price
30 inch wide 30 Inch Floor Model $4250.00
36 inch wide 36 Inch Floor Model $4450.00
42 inch wide 42 Inch Floor Model $4750.00


Model Description Price
Front Shelf Optional $420.00
Rotisserie Optional $750.00
Ignitor Optional $390.00
Stainless Snap Down Lid Optional $570.00

Casters on all Models Included in Price
Grill Warranty, 36 Month Limited Waranty on Service and Parts (Except Grates)

The Grill That Sets the Standards for Natural Fuel Cooking
Effective April 1, 2019

See our video of the Aztec
Home Grill in action!