66½ in.
Aztec Grill ST-66
Width – Overall 66½ in.
Depth – Overall 29⅛ in.
Height – With Legs 37 in. – back
34 in. – front
Height – Without Legs 27 in. – back
24 in. – front
Number of Cooking Grates 10
Size of Cooking Grates 5¾ x 24 in.
Cooking Surface 1440 sq. in.
Number of Fuel Grates 13
Size of Fuel Grates 4 in. x 19⅞ in.
Interior Body Construction 12 ga. C.R.S.
Exterior Body Construction 14 ga. Stainless Steel
Standard Finish Stainless Steel
cfms Required 2475
Shipping Weight 1,000 lbs

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Aztec Grill ST-30 ST-30 Aztec Grill ST-36 ST-36 Aztec Grill ST-42 ST-42 ST-48 Aztec Grill ST-54 ST-54 Aztec Grill ST-66 ST-66

Aztec Commercial Grills

Aztec Grills offers a selection of six different size grills for restaurant kitchen duty, and one designed expressly for the backyard griller. (Which, of course, includes professional chefs who’d love to grill over wood at home!)

Our smallest commercial grill is ST-30 (30" x 29⅛"), our largest, with double firebox doors and ash drawers, is the ST-66 (66½" x 29⅛").

We will be happy to work with you in choosing the right size Aztec Grill for your operations. Even the smallest Aztec provides 3½ square feet of grilling surface.