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Controlled Moist Heat:

Why Aztec Delivers a Flavorful Product

Why can you turn out such delicious foods on your Aztec? The secret is in the quality of the heat itself – a product of the Aztec’s unique, patented air-flow system, which concentrates the heat on the food, not the chef or the air conditioning.


Radiant Heat


Conducted Heat


High Velocity Air

Radiant and Conducted Heat

The depth of the Aztec Grill’s firebox lets you control the radiant heat. The same feature allows you to control the heat conducted by the grill surfaces. Radiant and conducted heat provides 40 percent of the cooking energy.

High-Velocity Hot Air

Some 60 percent of the Aztec’s grilling heat is high-velocity hot air, delivered by the patented air-flow system. This hot air is moist because:

  • The air travels 16 to 18 inches after heating before reaching the food and in the process is re-hydrated.
  • The air travels 16 to 18 inches after heating before reaching the food and in the process is re-hydrated.

While cooking times are faster than standard grills, the Aztec Grill’s controlled, moist heat is the reason foods are consistently tender and so full of flavor. Higher heat = faster cooking time, a moister product.

The Aztec Grill can be fueled with hardwoods, fruitwoods or 
and is designed for safety, efficiency and ease ofuse and maintenance.

Simple, Reliable, Chef-Friendly, Cost-Effective:

hy Aztec Delivers a Profitable Product

Chef Friendly

The Aztec Grill Is Simplicity Itself

The Aztec Grill is an insulated, heavy-gauge stainless steel firebox in which you build a fire of wood or charcoal. Open the front-loading door to add fuel. Pull out the stainless steel drawer at the bottom (where ash collects safely) for easy ash disposal. No electricity. No moving parts. Simple.


The Aztec Grill Is Rugged, Built to Last

From the inside out: the Aztec Grill is lined with heat-holding, fire-shielding 2-inch firebrick. Then 3 inches of insulation sandwiched between double walls of stainless steel. The fuel and cooking grates are a heavy-duty cast iron with nickel alloy and will withstand heat in excess of 800°F in sustained use.


The Aztec Grill Is Chef Friendly

Aztec Grills are easy to use and maintain. The grilling surface is slightly slanted up to the rear of the grill for ease of monitoring and handling foods as they are grilling. The stainless steel rim around the grilling grates makes for easier cleaning and maintenance.

The Aztec is equipped with heavy-duty, six-inch locking casters for ease of installation and moving for cleaning and relocation. The unique air-flow system assures that heat dissipation is minimized: the heat cooks the food, not the chef.

Six different models assure that you can choose the right capacity firebox and grilling surface for your needs. We can advise you on the proper unit for your kitchen.

The Aztec Grill is

Chef Friendly


Aztec’s Casters Make it Easy to Install, and Move

Aztec Grills are literally mobile, thanks to the heavy-duty six-inch swivel, braking casters on stainless steel cross rails. Just roll your Aztec into place, brake the casters, fire up and grill! Casters make even the largest grill easy to move for cleaning and relocation.


The Aztec Grill Is Cost Effective

The patented Aztec Grill air-flow system also assures maximum fuel utilization: the most BTUs of heat per pound of fuel of any competing grill. (The Aztec consumes far less fuel than competing grills.) And with the vertical, low-heat dissipation, the heat goes to the grilling surfaces. Cooler on the griller. Fewer breaks.