Aztec Rotisseries Can Turn Profits for Your Restaurant

We offer three different models of motor-driven rotisserie units as valuable accessories for your Aztec Grill. Heavy-duty, hard-working Aztec rotisseries are easy to install and remove as needed and require only 110V current.

Rotisseries add another profits generator for your restaurant and turn out foods that are succulent and moist with a beautiful finish surface.


Single Skewer Rotisserie

This rotisserie is a single-skewer unit that holds multiple birds. Available for 30", 36", 42", and 48" Aztec Grill models.


Aztec Rotisserie R/T-28 & R/T-36

The Aztec R/T-28 Rotisserie holds two birds per skewer. With six skewers, you can rotiss up to 12 birds at a time.

Our R/T-36 (not shown) rotisses up to 18 birds at a time, three birds per skewer.

  • Heavy-duty motor turns unit at six revolutions per minute
  • Skewers rotate for even cooking
  • Finger-locking screws for easy adjustment of food prongs
  • Skewers are spring-loaded, easy to put in place and remove