Why Chefs Love Aztec

“Nothing beats the flavor of food cooked on a true wood-burning grill. Our guests can taste the difference.”
Chef Dean Fearing
Dean Fearing
Owner, Fearing’s at the Ritz-Carlton
Dallas, Texas

TV Chef: “Dean’s Cuisine”, FOX 4 Dallas
“A Taste of the Southwest”, Multi-station line-up

Cookbook author
“The Aztec is a workhorse: rock-solid, virtually indestructible. We’ve had ours since we opened. Being on casters, it can be rolled out easily for cleaning. Our chefs love it, and so do our customers for that added layer of flavor that only grilling over wood imparts.”
Chef Erwin Drechsler
Erwin Drechsler
Executive Chef/Owner,
erwin – An American Café and Bar,
Chicago, Illinois
“Grilled food is important to both my Frontera Grill and Topolobampo. We look at commercial grills with a critical eye. We’ve found that the Aztec Grill is a wonderful addition to our kitchen as it consistently produces grilled food that’s more flavorful and moist than competing grills. It’s easy to start and clean, and that’s made it a big hit with our staff.”
Chef Rick Bayless
Rick Bayless
Owner, Frontera Grill and Topolobampo,
Chicago, Illinois

TV chef: “Mexico One Plate at a Time”, PBS
“Iron Chef”, PBS

Cookbook author
“The Aztec is quite simply the best wood-fired grill I’ve ever used. Our chefs love it, and our guests love the flavor.”
Chef Chris Ward
Chris Ward
Co-owner, Mercury Grill,
Dallas, Texas
“I am very enthusiastic about the Aztec Grill. It does a wonderful job of adding flavor and eye appeal to my menu. I find it’s easy to maintain, produces an even heat, not overly hot, and is quite simple to use. I firmly believe it’s one of the main reasons why I’m now in the process of building my second Dearstyne’s.”
Chef David Dearstyne
David Dearstyne
Chef/Owner, Dearstyne’s Bistro and Catering,
Waxhaw, North Carolina